Floor Sanding Services, Perth

Floor sanding is, as many in Perth would say, a bit of a hassle with all that dust everywhere. But what if you knew for a fact (and this is a fact) that you could have your wooden floors sanded and polished with minimal dust? That’s right, minimal dust wood floor sanding is an option.

You reckon you’d be keen on having your old, scraped, stained, old-looking flooring sanded and polished – without any hassle and minimal dust?

Technology is the answer – the saving grace from dust-filled rooms after a sanding session. Owing to this technology, Webb Timber Floors in Perth are now offering sanding and floor polishing with minimal dust. What’s more, they’re also offering floor sanding and restoration.

Benefits for you


Newer technologies are becoming more and more available, which means that equipment for sanding has, for the moment, been imported from Sweden just to ensure your sanding is dust-free. This latest technology allows us to sand your floors and still maintain your healthy environment.


You never have to clean out your cupboards, shelves or wardrobes to protect your valuable items from the sanding dust because there is no dust! Besides that, you no longer have to sweep the walls or wipe the wardrobes that come in from the old-fashioned way of floor sanding and polishing.

Your appliances

Things like your air conditioners as well as adjoining rooms and all other electronic devices will not be affected at all by the floor sanding and restoration project in your home. You can even leave your hairdryer out!

This floor sanding and polishing is primarily offered for homes in Perth, but it is also extended and has been seen being used in commercial settings. So if you’re an owner of a company, this could also benefit you, especially as there will be minimal dust to affect your working hours.

If you need more information or would like to find out more about getting your floors sanded, contact Webb Timber Floors to help with your restoration. Contact us or call on 0400 895 393.