Floor repair services, Perth

Timber floor repairs and restorations

Perth-based Webb Floor Sanding offers timber floor repair services throughout Perth. Residential and business owners use us for professional results. We repair, restore and rejuvenate all types of tired and worn timber, bamboo, and parquet floors; adding beauty and value to your home or business. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your flooring

Have your timber floors seen better days? Modern life can be hard on wood, cork and bamboo floors. Stiletto heels, children’s wheelie toys, office chairs and family pets all inflict damage on your floors. Luckily, our skilled craftsmen know what it takes to put some life back into your floor surfaces. Our floorboard repair services team can fix all types of floor damage, restoring your floor to its former glory.

The benefit of repairs

Wooden floor restoration is an investment in your home or business. A repaired and polished floor will inject new life into the ambience and value of your property. Contact us to take care of your Parquet, timber, bamboo and hardwood floor repairs.

Our neat workmanship and sanding mean your home or office won’t be left covered in dust. Once we’ve finished a job, we leave all commercial and residential premises ready for foot traffic. Forming a part of our portfolio of clients, we also maintain the floors of many heritage homes and buildings.

Heritage floors

Heritage floors, once repaired and restored, are attractive, appealing, and full of character. However, contemporary décor often places little emphasis on the value of heritage flooring, often leaving these beautiful legacy floors covered with paint, carpet or vinyl.
Webb Floor Surfacing can help you uncover this hidden gem in your home or office building with timber floor repairs and restoration that will turn a once hidden feature into the focal point of your home.

Bamboo Floors

A fair amount of traffic can cause scratches and scuffs on bamboo floors, leaving the “wood” looking worn and tired. However, with our bamboo floor repair techniques that include dustless sanding and the finest varnish, filler and sealer products on the market, your floors will look like new again.

Cork Floors

Cork is a very soft material. The tiles will need to be stripped right down to their natural form before we repair the deeper cracks. We use a natural filler that matches the colour of your cork floor finish to fill surface scratches. In certain instances, we may have to wet sand the area and add a new spot of polyurethane, however, our repairs will be completed with minimal fuss and no inconvenience to you.

Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring restoration does a lot to bring out the striking characteristics of old parquet floors. Using the correct grit paper, we will ensure our dustless machines produce a finish that is smooth and ready for restoration. Your floors will then be treated with the finest filler, sealer and varnish to produce that ‘new floor’ look. Get your new floor today with Webb Floor Surfacing.

We are renowned for offering reasonable and affordable parquet, bamboo, and wooden floor repair and restoration services, and we’re more than happy to assist you with your specific flooring requirements.

To enquire about our cost-effective wooden floor restoration, complete the enquiry form to the right or contact us, and we will visit your home or business to provide you with a quote.