Timber floor polishing, Perth

Hardwood floor polishing, renovation and repair services

Keep your timber floors looking new with professional floor polishing services. Timber floors are considered a great asset to any property and they are ideal for healthy and allergy-free living. Contact Webb Flooring Services for more information.

Perth-based, we are a trusted source for timber floor polishing and renovation. As specialists, our varnish products are premium-grade, and our superior services are recognised for their professionalism and effectiveness.


Our experienced team of flooring specialists can polish and restore the glossy shine to all worn and damaged timber floors. We use a variety of different varnishes, in a selection of colours that produces beautiful results. We use environmentally friendly sealers and varnish, which really highlight the natural characteristics of wood, such as knots and grain.
Staying up to date with the latest trends, news, technology, machinery, tools and treatments in the industry, allows us to give you the finest wooden floor polishing services in Perth.

Minimal dust sanding

We stick with the latest technology as it offers minimal disruption to your home lives and business operations. No need to cover your furniture or remove your belongings. We will ensure that all dust is discharged into the vacuum, leaving you with shiny dust-free floors.


Our highly skilled team will leave your residential and commercial premises with gleaming floors that are professionally completed with a new surface and glossy finish – free from scuffs, unevenness, and dust.

Our skilful wooden floor polishing services will return the shine to your floor with a variety of the finest quality coatings and wax materials. We begin with sanding the floor to remove any dents, chips, stains and worn wood flakes. After sanding, the floor is gently buffed, ensuring a smooth surface ready for polishing, coating or treatment.

Polished wooden floorboards will restore the look and feel of any space. It’s amazing how a good polish can bring out the shine in dull and lifeless timber floors, and create a warmth that will turn even the most basic house into a stylish home.

Before polishing your floors, we’ll sand them using the highest quality grits in the newest dust-free sanding machines to achieve a sleek and even surface. Using an A-grade polish, we will effortlessly apply the material across the floor, making it gleam like the day it was first installed.


Webb Floor Surfacing is renowned for offering reasonable and affordable timber floor renovations, renewals, floor polishing and sanding services. Bring your timber flooring back to life with floor polishing services from the recommended professionals.

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