Parquet Flooring

Five hundred years of trusted flooring should be enough proof that parquet flooring is the design that is not only timeless but one that has had the time since the 16th Century in France to be well tried and tested.

There is a very good reason why it has recently come back on the scene in Australia, particularly in Perth, and it’s due to its vast variety of designs that can create a style specific to your individual needs. Installing parquet flooring is really one of the most elegant flooring choices.

More than this, it is the only material that can merge properly with hardwood materials in the artistic design you’re after.

There are a variety of designs and styles from which to choose: whether it’s oak parquet flooring, mosaic, dark-stained, classic – even stairs.

Some design types:

Chevron Parquet Flooring
This design is a choice that works wonders, especially for parquet flooring stairs. The planks are cut at a perfect angle to create that arrow-like point when the installation takes place. It can also be installed parallel to the wall as well as diagonally. Now, Chevron parquet flooring is a bit more expensive than other styles, but it may be worth in the end once you see its stability and beauty.

Basketweave pattern Parquet Flooring
This parquet flooring can be, just like Chevron, installed either diagonally or parallel to the wall. The style that commonly goes well with basket weave pattern parquet flooring usually comes in one colour. However, many parquet flooring installers will offer you an integrated colour of wood that is different, which might actually create a trend on its own after all!

Herringbone Parquet Flooring
Herringbone is probably the most popular choice of design because it adds a grander atmosphere of superiority or intricacy to a room. This style of parquet is commonly used for more than just flooring. In fact, you may have noticed this design in industries such as fashion and architectural offices. This type of fish, from which the pattern is given its name, has its bones structured directly on the spine, making the planks come in rectangles with each block at a perfect 90⁰ angle, which creates that ‘broken’ zig-zag accent homeowners are after for their parquet flooring design.

Brick Pattern Parquet Flooring
Brick pattern is installed with traditional bricks. The feature of these strips can be used to create a nice outline for a room and give the room character. There are so many shades of planks from which to choose that you can end up creating the most beautiful room using simple brick pattern parquet flooring. Also, as an added bonus, you can use a brick pattern to be installed using herringbone planks as an add-on.

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