Cork Flooring Installation

Discover Why Cork Flooring Is Flawless

Cork flooring for your Perth home is the perfect and ultramodern method to add a cosiness to your home that other flooring options simply do not offer. The earthy feel of this flooring is unique to any other type of flooring or stairs installations.

There are definite pros and cons to cork flooring. Is it durable? There has to be a fault, right? We’re praising this flooring type so highly that there must indeed be a fault. Here’s the news… Cork flooring is one of the most durable materials around and can last for up to fifty years!

So, what are your options? There are many – since cork is such a versatile material. Here are three options:

The malleable properties of cork make it ideal to suit any area. With its finished look, it’s ideal for office space. It’s elegant, classic, and timeless.
How about choosing dark cork floor in your kitchen to complement your cupboards or to provide a contrast.
Living Area 
You could get your living room cork floor installed in diagonal tiles with borders to give a neat, tiled look and feel, or try this look in any area of your home.

Remember that cork is hypoallergenic, which means it is safe for those with allergies. Just this benefit in itself, besides the unique look and feel, ought to be enough to convince you on this flooring option.

Also, did you know that cork and dogs go floor-in-paw? From our experience, dogs seem to enjoy the softer touch of the cork compared to other flooring options such as oak. However, pet owners should take note that some dogs, if untrained, are prone to cause damage to your masterful, new cork flooring installation.

What’s more, cork flooring is natural, renewable and soft, making it great for bedrooms and living rooms. With special thanks to nature, its eco-friendly and comfortable material makes this the floor to choose, not just for your home, but for the environment in which you spend your time in.

For more information about cork flooring, contact your Perth flooring expert, or give us a call on 0400 895 393.